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Ukraine’s economy remains shaky – Its acting Prime Minister recently warned it was on the verge of bankruptcy. The European Union pledged to help by making it easier to do business with Kiev. CCTV’s Michal Bardavid takes a closer look.

Ukrainians will cast ballots for their next president. The election is set for May 25th. And Yulia Tymoshenko, who has already served twice as Prime Minister, announced on Thursday she will run and stand as “a candidate for Ukrainian unity.” Filio Kontrafouri has the story from Kiev.Watch CCTV America LIVE on your computer, tablet or mobile: – US Secretary of Skull-n-Bones John Kerry Visits Ukraine [CCTV America] US Secretary of State, John Kerry visited Kiev and assured residents of american support. In strong words, Kerry warned Russia over Crimea. His visit coincided with the US announcing a massive billion dollar aid package. Shortly after Kerry left for France, Russia test fired an intercontinental ballistic missile. Read more:

As the international community monitors the political fallout in the country, many Ukrainians are trying to cope with the emotional fallout. Dozens lost their lives in violent clashes last week in Kiev’s main square- the Maidan. CCTV’s Roee Ruttenberg reports from Kiev.

A sense of calm has returned to Kyiv’s occupied Independence Square, known locally as The Maidan. It comes at the end of a bloody week that left more than 70 people, but also saw Viktor Yanukovych ousted as president and opposition figurehead Yulia Tymoschenko released from prison.