#ViceNews / Je suis Charlie – Dispatch 1

The first week of 2015 ended tragically when three masked gunmen stormed the Paris offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, killing 12, including some of France’s most prominent cartoonists, and injuring many more in the deadliest terror attack the country has seen in decades. Despite the perpetrators remaining at large, and France raising its terror alert to the highest level — which has only happened once in the last decade — 100,000 people across France took to the streets in solidarity with the victims.

VICE News went to Place de la République following the attack, where grieving Parisians from all groups of society have gathered. We spoke to people who either knew the cartoonists personally, were fans of Charlie Hebdo, or were attending to stand up for freedom of expression in the face of deadly intimidation tactics.

L’année a commencé de manière tragique : mercredi deux hommes ont fait feu dans les bureaux du journal satirique Charlie Hebdo, faisant 12 morts et une dizaine de blessés. Le soir même, plus de 100 000 personnes se sont réunies à travers la France pour rendre hommage aux victimes.
VICE News s’est rendu Place de la République pour assister à un rassemblement de soutien, où s’étaient recueillies 35 000 personnes. Nous avons discuté avec quelques proches des membres de Charlie Hebdo, et des manifestants venus défendre la liberté d’expression, ou simplement se recueillir.

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